All internal & external requests are captured, presorted for an immediate response.


Plan, streamline, organize all resources (material, agencies, logistic, & 3rd parties, budget,..) and workflow steps with no effort.


Execute with the highest quality level, cost minimizing and time saving. Company wide knowledge transfer for positive alignment.


Monitor and track real time results of every project. See how the projects contribute to your strategy.

Step-By-Step guidance, user role-based dashboards, team and task orientated workflows keep everyone aligned and in the loop.

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For whom DP WORX is

DP WORX is for all the marketing and sales project owners who are thinking that there must be a better way to execute projects day by day.

Companies of all shapes and sizes will profit from DP WORX, the straightforward marketing and sales automatization solution.

Discover how easy the management of marketing and sales activation can be.

Enable your team to manage multiple projects smarter and more efficient.

Stop wasting time.


DP WORX is developed as a modular system, offering you the highest grade of flexibility.

You only pay for what you need.


Convert requests into projects with a given workflow. Assign agencies, manage resources, create tasks, deadlines, communicate effortlessly and track progress in one place from anywhere.

With DP WORX your team will be more efficient and more effective.


Understand the health of your marketing and sales operations. See in one click how all your activities contribute to your business strategy and goals. Measure KPIs and spot outliners immediately.


Stop screening hundreds of complicated spreadsheets, writing back and forth emails, attending never-ending meetings and making numerous calls. All the information you need for your work is accessible in just one click.


With the DP WORX material module you have all your marketing collateral under control. No matter with how many warehouses you work. Planning has never been easier.


Project management

From the material booking to the agency management to the project communication with all stakeholders, to arranging delivery conditions, staff planning, project controlling and much more. All can is done in one place.

We offer you project management solutions for:

  • Brand activation
  • Point of sales
  • Retail design

Request management

Never miss a request anymore.

All internal and external requests are captured, presorted for an immediate response.

The Warehouse & third-party module

Balance your resources, monitor performance and recalibrate when necessary.

With DP WORX you can manage and monitor all your warehouses and third partners. No matter if it is an advertising, promotion, design, POS or assembly agency.

Human resource planner

With DP WORX you can hire, book and track the work of all your team members.

Book the right person for your projects.


Business Intelligence module

See and understand what matters.

With DP Worx you will understand how your projects and actions affect your business.

Live reports and dashboards allow all user to stay on the same page and get insights.

Cost and Budget

Stay on track with your budget and spendings.

With the DP WORX project budget manager and the easy to use invoicing system, you have full cost control.


Create marketing and sales activation forecasts efficiently.

Planning for the next year, season or updates of the business year will become easy.

Customer Satisfaction

Understand easily how the execution of the projects is matching to the expectations of your customer and your company.

Make sure you are reaching the highest level of customer experience day by day.



Keep all users in the loop.

Manage and track every communication, activity and streams in one click.


Share and engage with all the user about the latest news.

It has never been easier to share company-wide news.

Media Library

DP WORX is your team`s media database.

Make sure everyone is up to date with the latest company media.


Material manager

Keep track of all your advertising material and marketing collateral.

No matter with how many warehouses you work. Planning has never been easier.

Our material booking planner, easy order system for material bundles, repair manager, booking calendar, touring plan and the material webshop will help you to manage all your material and material requests on the fly.


DP WORX is a multi warehouse application allowing you to automatize the creation of logistic jobs.

The time-consuming pain of managing all your logistic jobs and partners is removed from you.

DP WORX makes sure that your business has always the right level of inventory, your material is in the proper condition and assigns jobs automatically to the warehouse with the best cost balance.

The Online Shop

Delight your user.

Allow them to order material for all their customers in an easily and intuitively way based on their user roles and booking.

Maximize sales by offering a self-service, with all the product information needed. 

No further actions are needed from your side.



Software as a Service

Our team takes care of everything. From feature development to backups. Your data is private and secure. Start working today.


Web based – 24/7

Everything is in the cloud. No software application is needed. DP WORX can be accessed securely via the web 24/7.


Intuitive & efficient

Easy to use for everyone. No IT or digital knowledge is needed.

Companies of all shapes and sizes will profit from the DP WORX. Keep organized, be ahead, maintain transparency. DP WORX


Roles and right based

User only see work-related data. Focus on what matters most.


We are team of fun-loving, code enthusiasts who are revolutionizing how marketing and sales departments work today.

Our team is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with a branch in Lisbon, Portugal.

If you are someone who is up for a challenge and looking forward to working in a fast paced environment you are our team member.

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